1. Why?

    Put simply, if an image you’ve taken, is here, displayed on this blog, you should feel an immense sense of pride. If its here, I rate it. I believe through a combination of angles, colour, subject, the models depicted, expression and an immense sense of admiration and lust, you have created a fine piece of art.

    I’m a keen photographer myself, and would love a chance to move in erotic art. This is simply a journal of work that has inspired me, and often makes me salivate at the naughty thoughts that pop into my head.

    Im a bisexual. You will probably pick this up from the content and comments. I’d admire all aspects of the human form. I absolutley adore large penises and muscles, equally i also worship the petite, perky and curvy frame of a woman. The pictures that I chose, are pictures that attempt to portray the desire and lust of every viewpoint, or an increasingly open and liberal sexual enviroment.